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Universal Remote Controlled Nitro Engine Glow Plug Driver CDI Ignition 4.5~16V


  • 4.5~16V auto adaptation
  • Constant voltage 1.4V, max. output 6A
  • Manually or remote control continuously trigger
  • 10 kinds of operation modes
  • Functions: short-circuit protection and thermal protection
  • Glow plug driver disconnection detection
  • Automatically adjust output current depending on the load
  • Can be cascade operation with any groups for a multi-cylinders engine
  • Energy conversion efficiency of switching mode is higher than 96%
  • Ultra-light weight, only 17g, can be installed on the aircraft directly
  • Trigger button with LED display that working status is at a glance


  • Fixed-wing, helicopters, cars that using glow plug engine
  • Model aircraft using turbo-jet engine to start
  • Other occasions that using glow plug engine


E: Black line connecting to engine housting, Red line for glow plug.


Installation dimensions of trigger button:


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