Llaves de vaso 4.0 5.5 7.0 8.0

  • Modelo: RJX1910


Añadir al carro:

4.0mm: 42.3g

5.5mm: 42.7g

7.0mm: 54.7g

8.0mm: 57.5g

Gross Weight of 1 set: 235g

Total Length: 185mm

Diameter of handle: 17mm

Head Material: High Speed Steel Nano titanium plating

Color: Black+Gold



Ultra light weight sure-grip handle design.

Handle made by Aluminum Alloy.

Used for disassemble Hex Screw in RC Models Car Boat Airplane.

Screwdriver head made by HSS(High Speed Steel).

We can engrave your name or logo on the handle if you need. (Free of Charge)

Package Included:

1* RJX 4.0mm Nut Driver for M2 nut

1* RJX 5.5mm Nut Driver for M3 nut

1* RJX 7.0mm Nut Driver for M4 nut

1* RJX 8.0mm Nut Driver for M5 nut

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