Soporte para soldadar brazos flexibles

  • Modelo: RJX1454
  • Fabricado por: RJX


  • 6 flexible arms each with a large swiveling alligator clip.
  • 6 + 1 pockets in beautifully carbon fibre base to hold loose components.
  • 6 Silicon clip tips for the ultimate heat resistance.
  • 6 Removable feet for a stable standalone operation.
  • Sturdy s base with 6 flexible helping hands for your panavise.



Net weight: 262g
Gross Weight: 380g
Package size: 215*215*58mm


Alligator clip(L): 44mm (large size)
Alligator clips maximum thickness limit: 6mm
7 Built in Trays for components and screws.

Este producto fue introducido en nuestro catálogo el martes 23 mayo, 2017.

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