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  • Fabricado por: GAUI

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El kit incluye:
Motor Scorpion
Variador 22A
Palas carbono

1. The ultimate power ratio which produces quick power response and the best power efficiency to 3D manoeuvre in its class. 

2. New tail unit come with Integrated CNC Tail Gear Case/ Arc Tail Pitch Lever with double bearings/ Frictionless Tail Pitch Slider/ New Tail Output Shaft with CNC Pulley/ New Tail Rotor Yoke/ New Tail Grips which produce precision and the best tail control. 

3. New layout for CCPM servos which results in a precisely control to Swash plate. 

4. Kit comes with CF frames which fully equipped with CNC parts and ball bearings which results in a rigid frame cage and produce precision 3D control.
5. New light-weight streamlined FRP Painted Canopy. 

Este producto fue introducido en nuestro catálogo el sábado 17 marzo, 2012.

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