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CAOS 330 FPV / RACE / FUN Quadcopter

The CAOS 330 Quadcopter airframe is a small yet fully functional FPV quad deserving the QAV label. The Caos 330 is a symmetric 330mm size airframe that accommodates 6" props.


- New motor mounting holes, more options for different bolt patterns

- Thick Carbon Fiber material for the motor mounting plate

- Flight controller cover plate includes cutouts for SMA connectors and adapters for the video transmitter.

- Easy Lipo Access (suggested Lipo is a 3s 1300mAH Lipo)

- Support for 32mm board cams as well as cams in cases with mounting bracket

- Support for HD camera (such as the Mobius)



Airframe: 170g

AUW: The QAV250 is flown with an AUW of around 540g (includes all flight electronics, FPV gear and Mobius HD camera). 

Vibration Free Video

Like all QAV airframes, the CAOS 330 produces vibration and jello free HD recordings. We achieve this vibration free performance with anitvibration mounts. This simplifies the small Caos 330 airframe, making it lighter, reduces parts count, and failure points.




1x RJX C330O

1x RJX CC3D Flight Controler

2x RJX 2204 Brushless Motor CW

2x RJX 2204 Brushless Motor CCW

4x RJX ESC 12A

2x RJX Propeller CW

2x RJX Propeller CCW

1x RJX Sub.Plate

1x Plug XT60

1x RJX Velcro band 200mm

40x RJX Cable Binder ( Mix Color)2.5x100mm

2x RJX 18AWG 200mm RED +BLACK

1m RJX 3mm Heat Shrink Tubes

200mm RJX 5mm Heat Shrink Tubes

200mm RJX 5mm Heat Shrink Tubes

200mm RJX 3M Hook and Loop Tape

4x RJX 3M Double Sides Tape 25mm x 25mm

1x RJX Camera (IC:Sony 4143+633)

1x RJX Wireless Transmitter 200mw (Have Needle)

2x RJX Cloud Spirit Antennas (Have Hole)

12 Sets RJX Female 2.0mm Gold Plated Banana (bullet) Connector





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