65% DR-1 Triplane

  • Modelo: DR1
  • Fabricado por: Bill Hempel-Team edge


This beautiful DR-1 Triplane is a real crowd attention getter. At 65% Scale, this is the tallest RC airplane in the ARF history standing in at a 78” tall! The model is covered in high quality Ultracote finish and can be completed in almost any scheme you can think of. Because this is a custom order aircraft, you get to choose the scheme that you like! Watch the video and see for yourself how easy this airplane takes off, fly’s and land. Designed for motors of 275cc and larger.

The airplane features:

Ultracote covering, C/F wing tubes and aluminum stab tubes joiners, 20”main wheels, axles, tail wheel, and hardware package to include control arms, pushrods plus all screw hardware. The wing breaks down into a 6-Piece set, removable stab, ‘pocket’ hinging on ailerons and rudder.

Wing Span:     192” (16’ top wing)

Length:            162” (13.5’)

Weight:           120 pounds

Engine:            275cc or larger

Servos:        (6) aileron, (4) elevator, (2) rudder. Note: 400 oz torque min/per servo

Wheels:          20” Diameter bicycle type

Este producto fue introducido en nuestro catálogo el sábado 22 junio, 2013.

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