Ultimate 20-300

  • Fabricado por: Bill Hempel-Team edge


This newly released Ultimate is designed for a 200cc-275cc motor.

The entire Ultimate wing design was made so flying wires would not be needed and assembly times would be fast.

2-lower carbon fiber wing tubes proved all the strength needed with a single C/F tub for the top wing.

The Ultimate was originally designed to be the smallest airframe possible for use with the 3W-275cc motor. I did this so this airframe would have the most available power to weight available for this engine/airplane combination.

We ended up producing such a strong and light airframe that this airplane has outstanding performance with a smaller and much lighter 200cc motor.

Airplane comes complete with the following equipment: C/F landing gear, C/F wheel pants, C/F wing tubes, C/F 6”spinner and tail wheel.

Airplane is canister ready. Super light-weight construction used throughout this design will insure a great flying airplane for your hanger!


Wing Span:   105.5”

Length:          117” w/spinner

Weight:          60lbs (with 275cc motor)

Engine:          200cc – 275cc

Servo Torque Requirement

Elevators: (4) servos.
300-ounce torque per elevator half.

Ailerons: (8) servos. 
400-ounce torque per aileron.

Rudder: (2-4) servos.
650-ounce minimum torque required.

Throttle/choke: (1-2) servos.
50-ounce torque minimum.

Este producto fue introducido en nuestro catálogo el martes 25 junio, 2013.

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