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The Storch

Flite Test

The Flite Test Simple Storch means fun for beginners and for experienced pilot too. The model is optically based on the Fieseler Storch. The Flite Test Storch can be controlled through 4 channels. Optional flaps, flaperons and even leading edge slats can be installed and controlled so that the model looks exactly like the original. With its wide speed range and the short take-off landings (STOL) the Storch is the real park-flyer.

The Kit

The already assembled model, without RC components, has a weight of 816 grams and a wingspan of 1460 mm. The Storch is made of laser-cut FT Foam Board. This waterproof foam material distinguishes through the low weight and its stability. The Foam Board is coated with paper and it can be easily individually painted. Included in the package you will find all the asembly parts of the airplane.

Recommended Accessories

For this Flite Test model we recommend a 6-channel transmitter, e.g. the Graupner mz-12. You gain maximum range and controll using the GR-12 receiver. Benefit from the favourable price of the Radio Control Set mz-12 with the GR-12L (No. S1002.12). The ESC Brushless Control SBEC with Telemetrie (No. 33718.XT60), completed with four digital Servos DES 281 (No. 7905) perfectly fit this model. Gain the maximum performance using the Brushless Motor ULTRA 2812 (No. S7056) and a 10 x 5 S-Prop (No. 2944.10X5). More recommendations below.

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Product characteristics

  • Kit made of solid, water-resistant FT WR Foam Board
  • Very good flight characteristics

Included in the package

  • Laser-cut FT Foam Board frame
  • Swappable RC core
  • Firewall
  • Push rods
  • Control horns
  • Wood skewers
  • Velcro
  • Data sheet
  • Flap wire
  • Wood stick

Recommended accessories

  • Radio Control mz-12 HoTT, GB, 6 Channels (No. S1002.77)
  • Receiver GR-12 HoTT (No. 33506) or Receiver GR-12 + 3x Gyro HoTT (No. 33576)
  • Servo digital DES 281 BB MG 11 mm (No. 7905)
  • Brushless Motor ULTRA 2812 (No. S7056)
  • ESC Brushless Control, T35, XT-60 (No. 33735.XT60)
  • Y - Cabel SJ 0.3 qmm, 200 mm (No. S8189)
  • Servo Extension Cable 0.16 qmm (No. S8150)
  • Linkage Stopper (No. 1177.2)
  • S-PROP 10 x 5 Inch (No. 2944.10X5)
  • Power Pack LiPo 3S / 2200 mAh (No. 78122.3)
  • Charger Ultramat 14 plus, Li, Pb, Ni (No. 6464)

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