Gaui X3 Gold + HK-2520-1580kv

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-X3 Gold Edicion limitada

-Motor Scorpion HK-2520-1580kv

* X3 Newly designed CNC main blade grip, with selectable 3 position pitch lever positions for different flight characteristics. Added a second pitch lever screw to the main blade grip for extra strength for 3D flights. Dual Black/Gold CNC anodized colors.
* Premium visual enjoyment GOLD version can be used with 3S & 6S power systems, perfectly highlights the ultimate luxury for the ultimate Pilots.
* Flight characteristics equivalent to a larger model, pilots who likes, big power, instant reaction flight characteristics, different
adjustable pitch lever holes for a variety of flight characteristics.
X3 GOLD will be your an integral part of your remote control
helicopter fleet.
*Height: 230mm
*Width: 190mm
*Tail blade length: 62mm
*Overall Length (with Canopy): 690 mm
*Main blade length: 315 ~ 360 mm
*Weight: 532g (basic heli kit weight)
*Main rotation diameter: 738 ~ 808mm
 (with 315~360mm main blades)
*Tail rotation diameter: 164mm
*Flight time: 3~4 minutes (3D flight 3S 2100mAh or 6S 1100mAh)
*LiPo Battery size: 110 x 34 x 34mm (3S & 6S)
*Motor Drive Gear: 9T~13T
*Main Drive Gear: 131T
*Autorotation Tail Drive Gear: 61T
*Tail Drive Gear: 14T
Drive Gear Ratio
*9T ( 14.55 : 1 : 4.69 )
*10T ( 13.10 : 1 : 4.69 )
*11T ( 11.90 : 1 : 4.69 )
*12T ( 10.91 : 1 : 4.69 )
*13T ( 10.07 : 1 : 4.69 )


X3 Gold Basic Kit

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